How to Calculate Percentages in Excel

A tutorial on how to Calculate Percentages in Excel

Calculating percentages in Excel is also easy but it requires the use of formatting options. We start with performing calculations to work out the divisions of numbers and then format the cell with the resultant figure as a percentage.

The formatting of the cells is accomplished either by first clicking on the cell you wish to format with your left mouse button then clicking on the % icon found on the Number Format group of the Home tab of Excel or by clicking on the cell with your right mouse button and choosing the Format Cells option and clicking percentage.

If you enter the formula =9/5 and hit the enter key you’ll get 1.8 and if you format 1.8 as a percentage it becomes 180%.

9 is 180% as large as 5.

If you want to find out what percentage of 9 is 5 just reverse the way that we divided the numbers.

Instead of 9/5 we’ll change it to 5/9 and we’ll see the result is 55.56%. If it says 56% instead of 55.56% just set the format options to increase the number of decimal places.

In out example below will will perform a calculation to determine the percentage of client’s outstanding bill that still need to be paid.

This is accomplished by deducting the amount paid from the amount owed to determine the amount outstanding. Then divide the amount outstanding by the amount owed and then format that resultant figure as a percentage.

Use the increase decimal option to increase the number of decimal point if desired.

How to calculate percentages in Excel
How to calculate percentages in Excel

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