Salesforce Training Part 1

Salesforce Training Part 1

Salesforce – What is it?

Many business owners find the need to keep their company information up and available at every time. CRM tools can assist them with that. Salesforce can be defined as one of the most popular CRM tools presently available and it has a user friendly dashboard that can be used to access your company information with less hassle. Then you can get an overall idea about the different aspects of your company and check whether they are organized. It has been awarded as the Best CRM Software because of the above mentioned features.

Who uses it?

Salesforce has over two and a half million users worldwide and and had revenue over over 5 billion US dollars in fiscal year 2015. It’s popular among people who are looking for a customizable cloud based account in order to manage client based contacts and accounts. You can access the database at any time you want and get the required information that you want. The mobile platform has helped people to engage with its core tools on the go.

How much does it cost?

Salesforce is equipped with five different packages. They are marked at $25, $65, $125, $250 and $300 per user per month respectively. Out of these packages, the Enterprise account – marked at $125 per user per month – is the most popular one as it provides a completely customizable CRM solution to any kind of business. If you are looking for a fully integrated service and sales platform, you can go for the Performance Edition that is marked at $300.

Why it’s awesome!

Salesforce offers a wide range of content management tools for the people in need. They include Heroku, Remedy Force,, Chatter Cloud, Data Cloud, Service Cloud and Sales Cloud. They can be defined as some of the most popular PaaS services and SaaS applications that you can see in the present world.

Out of these tools, Sales Cloud plays a major role behind the effectiveness of Salesforce. It can manage your entire business and let you know the aspects that generate the highest revenue. You don’t need to go through much hassle when using this tool as it is associated with a clean and a simple interface. It is not associated with any data management goals.

Chatter is the newest social network platform of Salesforce. It can be used to integrate your services with popular social media networks and maintain customer relationships. You can create your own profile using this tool and share updates with your clients.

The comprehensive dashboard that is presented for the users of Salesforce has impressed all its customers. This dashboard is filled with color graphs that show important facts about your CRM data. This data is being updated on time to provide real time information to the users. Moreover, you can have a look at upcoming meetings, leads and open calls through this interface. The main objective of Salesforce is to provide a collaborative and a productive environment for the users. They have achieved it and you can think of subscribing to it without any hesitation.

We’ll cover many of the different aspects of Salesforce in upcoming tutorials and how they’ll benefit your business.